Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dimy City

Dime City, not to be confused with the motorcycle shop of the same name, is a largely obscure video game published in 1995 by German publisher Starbyte. It is basically a strategy game where opposing gangsters try to take control of the city, pretty much what today's Mafia Wars does.

The game is nothing to get too excited about, but it is so silly that it makes you want to continue playing just to see what silly thing is going to happen next. Silliest of all is how much the game tries to attract you by pretending to be sexy. It actually succeeded in making me want to throw it away out of the window after a couple of minutes. Sadly, nothing interesting seems to ever happen. So I would say that Dime City deserves a short look, but don't go thinking about trying to go all the way as it won't deliver.

My Abandonware has just put this rare game up for download, so go and give it a look. One word of warning: there are some moments where cartoon breasts are flashed around without care.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I recently came upon this new download on My Abandonware called XS. It is a game from 1996, and to be totally honest, I have never heard about it before today. The screenshots look good enough, so I said why not?

A download and a DOSBox config later, and I am looking at a game which has the weirdest aiming control that I ever saw. Move the mouse up and you shoot at the floor, move the mouse down and you hit the ceiling. I keep telling my mind to think in reverse, but I just cannot do it! That's one really freaking crazy bug in my processing circuitry!

Oh I know. The XS letters in the game's title must stand for something right?

Yes, excess pile of garbage. It was probably a rushed game trying to ride the network play bandwagon (read Unreal Tournament).

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hammer of the Gods

I just downloaded Hammer of the Gods from The game can be described like a Civilization with vikings. After downloading the game and mounting the folder in DOSBox, it can be just run by typing HAMMER, and the sound set with SETSOUND. The intro is ripped off, so it's straight to the game.

At first glance, Hammer of the Gods does seem to require a lot of your time to learn. It probably needs you to obtain a degree in viking management too. Hopefully, you can download the game's manual right here. It will explain how the game works, and you will have to start learning your strategies.

Its overhead view is copied straight from the first Civilization game, and just as in the latter you found your cities, build your population, discover new land and tools, and fight your enemies. Where it starts to differ is in the battles, as the view shifts to the battlefield where you also control the actions of your heroes. The game is also split into missions which the player has to complete, so there is no chance for you to send your people into space towards a new galaxy this time.

Hammer of the Gods screenshot
Anyway, this game requires you to dedicate some time for it before giving you its love and affection. This is not a quick fix like the usual abandoned games. By the way, it lets you play with three of your friends, so there's no need to feel lonely.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Apple Lisa Xenix

It's about time that I took a look at an operating system for this blog. I'm sure that with the proliferation of today's virtual machines, many of you already took a go at installing some of the old popular OS's. However I want to link to something a bit different from a very old era from Microsoft (made for Apple hardware no less!) circa 1983.

I am talking about the Xenix OS for the Apple Lisa system, which is a Unix derivative for the Motorola-powered machine.

Photo credit: Rick English

This two (and a half) year old post by neozeed describes how to install a running system via emulation in order to run some of the software available, mostly for computer history purposes I'd guess.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Macintosh Garden

Today I found a site I'd like to recommend to you called Macintosh Garden which, as you might have guessed, deals with Macintosh abandonware. It could be described as similar to many of the PC abandonware sites, but obviously smaller. However I could count over 2300 games and 1300 Mac programs, and counting!

To tell you the truth, I have never played any Mac games before, but I am going to try to get a feeling of them now. I am sure that they have a lot to offer.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sherlock Holmes in Space

This week I have found two abandoned games available for download and I will explain why. Usually, when I find a game, even if it is a great one, it may not appeal to everyone. So this week I found a slow paced thinker's game and a game with fast paced trigger-happy conflicts.

The first game is 221B Baker Street, hosted on Abandonware Mine. This is a competitive multiplayer game set in the Sherlock Holmes universe, where players must find clues to be the first to solve the mystery. The style is like a board game, with multiple scenarios available. The Commodore 64 version is shown below, whilst the PC version that you are going to download varies slightly in looks and setup.

The second game is the less known brother of Wing Commander, simply known as Privateer. Hosted on Abandonware Dos, this game uses the WC engine to pit you aboard your spaceship as you fight and buy your way towards being the most important person in the universe.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Something big and blue for you today

Available on MyAbandonware for download this week is Big Blue Disk No 32. In truth, this time I am not indicating any great game of old times for you to play, but rather an example of the fledgling computer community around 1989. Remember this was way before the Internet reached the masses, and one of the ways for budding developers of the time to get their programs distributed was to have their creation included in monthly disks that were released from the popular computer groups of the time. So this is a piece of personal computer history really, well preserved and ready for you to explore.

Just download the file from the link above, unzip and launch GO.BAT, either by double-clicking the file or from the command line. The menu is really easy to use considering its age, so you can get around quickly and easily. However, I doubt if you can find anything helpful in this disk nowadays. As I said, this disk is for nostalgia to me and for educational purposes to those that weren't around at the time.